Posted May 2014
May 6th, 2014 10:53AM
nothing left
Requested by missy

After my husband dismissed the divorce he filed a few years ago, he filed again & is supposed to be final in a month. I dont know where he lives, had no contact & not talked since he dismissed first divorce. I've been praying for the resurrection of our dead marriage for 5 yrs. We have an amazing daughter that will be turning 10 @ end of month. She wants her dad to come home for her bday, we both need God to intervene, becoming hard to have faith for both of us. I've been so convicted about the sin of this divorce & giving up on my husband & not pleading for him to return to God is something in not able to do. We've lost everything, I'm on disability & husband has gone out of his way to damage me beyond what can be healed on this earth. I struggle with suicidal thoughts all day & all night. I don't want to die, dont want to cause my daughter to lose both parents. It's the never ending indescribable pain that wont go away & the constant blows from Satan that can't handle anymore. I know that the devil can take everything from me but wont ever be able to take my relationship I have with my Jesus. I'm overwhelmed& tired, I'm scared I'm gonna give in to the hopelessness if God doesn't change our lives soon. To many problems and I'm completely alone. I need prayer, I need someone to hold me & tell me its gonna be ok, I need someone to want to take care of me for a little bit. I can't put all my emotional needs on my daughter & we need her dad & my beloved husband to come back to us