Posted July 2014
July 31st, 2014 4:12PM
Prayer for Direction
Requested by Diane

My husband and I have recently left our church of 6 years.  We were very involved in the administration of the church business and our eyes were opened to many areas where Gods money from the tithe and offerings was being mis manged and misused.  When we tried to address the subject with the pastor we were bassically told that He was the one in control...he is the one that hears from God and that we needed to shut our mouths about the situations.  We consequently resigned all of our positions and left the church.  A number of other people/families folllowed us.  We in no way led them in that direction,it just happened around the same time we left.

Now we are being verbally attacked by the pastor, his wife and daughter and many lies are being told to our remaining friends.  While at first, I was angry, after much prayer I decided to respond as Jesus would and bless the Pastor andhis wife with a nice message in a card thanking them for all of their support in the past and for all of the teaching we received from them in the past and also included a gift certificate to a local restarurant for them to have dinner on us.

We have moved on and joined up woth an evangelist, starting a new church in the area but we still are hearing very nasty remarks made by the pastor's wife and daughter.  How should we proceed?

Please pray for wisdom and revelation knowledge for both of us so that we do not fall into sin or bitterness during this time.  Thank you