Posted August 2014
August 1st, 2014 9:02PM
Troubled relationship
Requested by Denise

My daughter and I are having alot of trouble with our relationship.  I had asked her for some resolution in having her help pay her cell phone & car insurance, now that she has graduated college.  I realize that she is awaiting a promotion at work and living somewhat independently, but my bills are going on the back burner & I need for her to realize that.  She says that I don't understand that times have changed, but I have to disagree to an extent.  This problem goes deeper than the bill issue, as it stems from our other daughter still living with us, although she pays us rent, buys her own food & pays her own bills.  She has always been able to say what's on her mind & seems to be confident, whereas I have a hard time expressing how I feel and am easily intimidated.  We got into a "text war", with her saying things like "if you want to drop my phone line, then good luck with reaching me & if you want me out of your life, then fine by me.  I simply told her that I felt taken advantage of and wanted resolution by mid September, which is not unreasonable.  I guess I feel lost in the fact that in some ways, as angry as I am, it would be a good idea to cease contact with her, but will it help us in the long term?  I already know the answer.  Please pray that we can come to some resolution, while improving our relationship when the time is right.