Posted September 2014
September 20th, 2014 12:18PM
Prayers for my brother
Requested by Susan

Please pray for my brother, Philip, a WELS Christian , who is suffering from a severe depression. We are unsure what caused this, but he is hospitalized at the VA hospital in Battle Creek Michigan.  He is a good Christian man, who has been single his entire life( he is 66 ) and I'm not sure but I think loneliness might be part of the problem.  He has feelings of worthlessness and suicide and the medications they are giving him have not helped much so far.  Please, please, pray for him and for our family;  We love him very much and want him to get better and come home to us.  Please also pray for strength for our family to help him and all of our family to get through this.  And thank you, Pastor Jeske , for your wonderful ministry!  I DVR Time of Grace and watch it every week.  You are a wonderful pastor and I learn so much from your sermons.  God bless you , your staff, and your ministry.