Posted February 2018
February 8th, 2018 1:24AM
Depression & Anxiety
Requested by Louise

Please pray with and for me.  I'm a survior or some traumatic life experiences.  The depression and anxiety only seem to be getting worse with time!  I am unable to take medications due to bad reactions and health issues.  I feel like pray is the ONLY thing that I have that can help.  Talk therapy is quite expensive if done professionally, if done amongst friends anf family, you tend to just be the needy downer that everyone starts avoiding.  You also close yourself off from people that you may have been close to at one time. With each day I find that I am more depressed or more anxious about things that never seemed to bother me so much before.   I don't believe in suicide, but I feel I have no reason to be here, I am not useful, helpful, I have no great talent, I am a bother, a burden  I've tried vitamins, exercise, music, reading and talking.....prayers are truly all that I have left.