Posted February 2018
February 8th, 2018 2:05AM
Requested by Cindy
Please pray for my daughter Rebecca and her baby's father Michael. They were engaged to be married and Michael became verbally and emotionally abusive and Becca ended their relationship. Their son is 10 months old and needs his family together. I have been praying for them for a very long time. Their relationship began as friends in 2011 and they began dating in 2015, they were together for a year when Becca became pregnant and things took a turn for the worse. She kicked him out and her heart was hardened, they have been off an on since April of 2017 and I know they love each other but have lost their way and Michael needs divine intervention with his verbal and emotional abuse and need to control hers and their sons life. This is not the man she has known since 2011 or the one she fell in love with. Please pray for them and a miracle for their family so that Ashton can have both his mommy and daddy together and they can be the family they planned to be. I am heartbroken for my grandson and for Becca and Michael. Please lift them up in prayer. I don't know where else to turn to help them. Thank you, God bless