Posted January 2019
January 11th, 2019 9:15AM
Specific Prayer Requests from a wife in Chicago
Requested by Angie

To Whom This May Concern,


First and foremost thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read through my prayer request. My name is Angie. I am a wife in need of lots of prayers from Chicago, IL. I'm sending my prayer requests all throughout the U.S. and possibly the rest of the world. My mission is to send as many prayer requests until God answers my prayers and I have faith he will! I'm not looking to be judged, as I already was feeling like a failure at my marriage. If your church can pray for me I would really appreciate it. I'm open to speaking to a pastor/ preacher for any solid marriage advice. I’m also looking for any bible verses that would apply to my situation. I now know that I should have talked about expectations with my husband, George, before I got married but we didn't. I am willing to start over only if it is God's will. Here's my story:

At first I thought I was crazy myself to send my prayer requests to churches, pastors, preachers, and like minded Christians outside of Chicago and the Chicago-land area. Then I realized that my love for God and George extends far beyond Chicago and the d really appreciate any and all prayers. I just got baptized a couple months ago and I'm like a baby learning how to crawl. I'm learning to read the bible, building community in and out of my church, praying, obtaining discernment, and listen to lots of different sermons from different pastors/preachers in English and Spanish.


My marriage has been on the rocks for a while. My husband told me he no longer loves me and that he wants a divorce. At first I accepted even though deep down I didn’t want a divorce. My husband and I are no longer living together and we are still on “friendly” terms. I have decided that I want to fight for my marriage even though he asked me for the divorce. He wants a divorce because 1) we didn’t have a baby and are not getting any younger and 2) we didn’t buy a building together.


While I know these are NOT valid reasons to get a divorce, let me explain why both didn’t happen. At the time he wanted a baby I was in school. Not only was I in school but after I got out of school he made little to no quality time for me. I didn’t want to buy a building with him because we never even had a budget. If we both would have sat down to come up with a budget and saved then I would have been in agreement to purchase a piece of property. Our styles of communicating was not the best.


As I know I made my share of mistakes as well, I want to save my marriage. I am praying for the following things and I would love it if you can please share this with your church. Please pray for the following:


-  That God opens his heart and accepts God as his savior.

- That God becomes the center of our marriage, now and forever.

- That God sends him an angel to protect him.

- That God helps George, my husband, to read and understand the bible.

- That God shows us the way to pray with each other and read the bible together.

- That God gives my husband clarity so that George does not confuse me and potentially use me and mislead me.l

- That God shuts this door if George is not really for me and give me an enormous amount of strength.

-  That God take away ANY confusion between the two of us so we can both be clear and speak the wise truth to each other.

-  That God closes any doors to any bad addictions, bad habits, bad people that are currently in my life as well as George’s life. No, I don't believe he is cheating but I do know he is hanging around with people that like to drink, do drugs, men that are having affairs, and beat their wives. Please pray that God shuts the door to anyone that is not good in our lives. Please pray that God pushes these type of people far out of our lives.

- That God pushes any women that do not mean well in George's life and any men that do not mean well in my life.

- That God opens the door to any opportunities or people that can help us in our marriage.

- That God speaks to my husband in a dream, through an angel, through a bible verse, or a christian person.

- That God reunite us and make our marriage stronger than ever before.

- That  God remove any negative people out of our lives that practice witchcraft, are a psychic, pretend to know our future, seek to destroy our marriage, give us bad advice, worship anything other than God Almighty, King of Kings.

- That God shows George and I how to be an excellent husband and wife.

- That God shows us to forgive each other for any hurt we have caused each other.

- That George calls our pastor and that the three of us can have a meeting and George is able to listen with his heart and I as well.

- That God helps us get a christian therapist to help us overcome any problems we have had in the past.

- That God show us how to put boundaries in our families and friends.

- That God show us how to become best friends again and each other's priorities in life again.

- That God shows us how to learn to support and respect each other at all times and that other people (especially family members and close friends)  respect our relationship and our decisions.

- That God shows us how to make financial decisions together and that we do not hide anything from each other.

-  That God helps George's family to become self-sufficient so they can no longer abuse George financially.

- That God blesses his sister's Yuli and Tatianna, to be able to be better mothers, find better career opportunities, be better sisters, not overstep their boundaries, respect me as his wife, close their doors to practicing and trying to harm me and George with their witchcraft, and most importantly have an open heart to find God Almighty, King of Kings.

- That God help Yuli find her own apartment with her daughter to create their own lives so that George and I can continue to live as husband and wife. That Yuli’s ex-boyfriend give her child support for her daughter so Yuli does not have to struggle.

- That God helps Tatianna and her husband, Kevin, to fix their marital problems and not include George in anything of her problems.

- That God provides Tatianna and Yuli with enough financially so that they won't ask George for money or any favors that include money.

- That God shows George that it is important to spend quality time with me. Please pray that he doesn't spend a lot of time playing video games or playing football and that he focuses on our priorities before even thinking of helping anyone else. 

- That God gives us both patience to listen and speak wisely to each other and of each other to other people.

-  That God makes us fall in love again and that we are blessed with as many children that God wants to give us.

-  That God helps George seek me soon. I understand that everything is in God's timing but it doesn't hurt to ask.

-  That God help us become one again and one day we can give a beautiful testimony in front of many people and help anyone having marital problems in the future.

- That God forgives me when I have offended George and his family and that they are able to forgive me. Please pray that one day we have a wonderful family bond like no other.

- That God shows George what is is to be a good husband and come home at a reasonable time and if he is running late to let me know.

- That God shows me how not to be anxious or stressed but instead God feels my void with love for him. Please pray that I seek God when I’m anxious or stressed.

- That George will go to God with his problems. Please pray that George fears God (in a good way). Please pray that George and I start fresh and start our lives again and that God gives us a second opportunity to make a our work.


Thank you so much for praying over my marriage, I don't want to give up. Like I mentioned above I would be open to speaking to a Pastor/ Preacher on any advice on marriage. Have a blessed day!