Posted last month
May 8th, 2019 10:57AM
Atheist Friend
Requested by Phoebe

Hello, I would like everyone to please start a prayer chain for my friend Sarah. She used to be a Christian but due to life and some poor choices she's made she has turned away from God. I asked her why she turned away from Him and her words where "I turned away when it made more sense there wasn't a God". My heart sank when I heard those words and I have tried to show her that God is real and does love her but her heart is made of stone right now. She keeps saying scientific "facts" as to why she thinks He doesn't exist as well as using bad circumstances and saying "Well where was He then if He exists?". So please pray that her heart will soften and that God will give me the wisdom to minister to her and bring her back to HIm. I also pray that he brings someone in her life that can be close to her that is a Christian, we live states apart and I can't be physically by her side. So please also pray that someone will come into her life that will minister to her in person. I thank you for your time and I hope you have a blessed day.