Posted last month
May 11th, 2019 1:50AM
Requested by Jan Mattheu

My 37 yr old daughter constantly hurts me by her words and actions. When I confront her or call her out, she projects it back on me, thus, making me feel like theres something wrong with me, that its' me thats weird or crazy, that its' All my fault. Its not a good, healthy relationship. I feel So low . I don't feel worthless because I know God loves me. She somehow is very close to her father, my ex husband who was alcoholic in our 16 yr marriage and was very abusive towards her brother. I realize it was a Dysfunctional family. My daughter spends Alot of time with her father and his wife. My daughter has a 17 month old daughter(my granddaughter) who I only get to see on facetime.My daughter, her husband and baby recently came to WI to visit. Not only would she not stay with me, my 38 yr old son begged her and offered to pay for a hotel room to be nearby me, she rejected that offer and instead stayed with my sister an hour and a half away from me. This is just one of many hurts and it just keeps happening and nothing is ever her fault. What does the Bible say about not accepting the blame in Relationships?