Posted December 2017
December 6th, 2017 9:00AM
It has happened again.
Requested by Lori Addington
My husband and I have only been married 8 months. We went back to his childhood home town because his mother passed away. After the funeral, my husband called his best friends together and we all met at a bar. My husband drank a lot with is friends as was his practice when he lived in that area. After drinking quite a bit, my husband got upset and said a lot of hurtful things to me. One of the other wives there took me to the restroom to hug me and help me regain my composure. Afterwards, as we arrived back to our hotel, still in our vehicle, my husband said he wanted a divorce and took off his wedding ring. Now we are home and he is sober but on the ride home he had a headache and stomach pains. I drove because he felt so ill. I surely didn't mind as he usually drive the whole 9-10 hours. It gave me time to pray. I kept running my reasons that I was going to tell my husband that we need to keep working at our marriage but the Holy Spirit kept pulling my thoughts back to him. He kept reminding me to rest in Him and receive peace, that He was in control. I know that I can't make my husband think or feel differently than he does if I utter "just the right words". I am once again asking for the believers here to lift us in prayer. I am willing to fight for my marriage. I know that means giving it to God and asking for protection for our marriage and or family. I have a feeling that my husband has not been sharing his thoughts and feelings with me for quite some time. I suppose I am asking for you to lift us in prayer that the Holy Spirit move in both of us and my husband will not leave me. Please, please pray for his salvation; especially since I have been a poor witness to him and our sons. I am not blameless. We started counseling and were hopeful. We were looking forward to continuing but his work kept him from being able to keep the past appointments. We are both off work today as part of our funeral leave. Our sons have gone to school and usually when we are home from work, we hop up and enjoy our coffee and conversation. Today, he is lingering in bed. I checked on him after our sons left and asked if he felt better. He said he did but he didn't seem to be himself and the tone in his voice was very flat. So, I'm sitting here in the living room, fearing he will come out to tell me his plans to pack up and leave because he really wants a divorce this time. I know I am sounding faithless. I'm being human... preparing for the worst-case . I'm scared. Thank you for reading this and praying for us.