Posted 1 weeks ago
July 10th, 2019 9:11PM
I love my wife and child so much, and I do not want to divorce
Requested by Rex
I was a sinner in so many ways. I deeply hurt my wife for all these years. She asked me to move out for a few months and I did, during these months, I started to see my faults and eventual I truly repent with all my sins to GOD. GOD has forgiven me and I can literally feel free and relief. I can feel different, I even hate my old self. I hate the sin I committed in the past. I was such a foolish man. My priority in life is totally changed, yet, it’s too late, I still got the divorce paper served. Please pray for me to obey and accept whatever GOD plan for me, continue to grow with GOD, continue to love my wife and my son, if that’s GOD’s will, give me one more chance and keep my family in unity.