Posted February 2018
February 7th, 2018 7:36AM
thanking everyone for all their prayers
Requested by Celia
I’m just saying a big thank you to everyone that’s been praying for mine and Mums situation regarding our health troubles and our family troubles at times as well were still not better yet Mums had the doctor out now four times yesterday she was out to Mum as well and this is the second week now Mums been laid up in bed and was told if she doesn’t improve these next couple of days she’ll have to go into hospital and at present family have to take it in shifts to get us both through these difficult days I’ve still my chest infection plus thrush in my mouth and all at back of my throat Mum has still her chest infection as well but im most definitely sure we wouldn’t have got this far without alls of your prayers and have all this lovely help Godbless you all.Xx