Posted 4 weeks ago
September 22nd, 2019 5:27AM
Stroke, Gall Bladder and now Cancer
Requested by lori
Please pray for my husband. He had a massive stroke just a month ago and God just performed miracle after miracle in everything from orchestrating that he was home locally and not traveling, to my daughter having a knew injury that caused her to be home that fateful night instead of him coming home to an empty house with no one there. To his rapid physical recovery from a stroke that the doctor said should have killed him. Yesterday we had to call an ambulance again. He ended up with what the doctors believed was an acute gall bladder attack. The ER dr. wanted to perform an emergwncy surgery to remove it, but the surgeon deemed the risk too high for many different, complicated reasons. One of which is a mass they found on his kidney that they believe is probably cancer. Please pray for him, for me and for my children. Our youngest has only just turned 10. One of my older children has a chronic medical condition already. There are so many things, I'm just feeling so crushed and I need to give it to God so He can carry this burden, not only the stress of everything, but the financial burden as the medical bills are rolling in from his stroke. I'm frightened and I need His peace.