Posted March 2019
March 8th, 2019 6:19PM
Still Suffering with Impacted Bowel
Requested by Darren
Hi! Alot of you probably remember me I've put Prayer requests in for this same problem before. I still aren't being listened to by Doctors & this is really getting me down, as it's having a big impact of my daily life. I finally had my Specialist/General surgeon appointment at the Outpatients department, New Plymouth, N.Z. hospital. And I feel it was just about a complete waste of time. I said to the Dr how my full up/Impacted bowel is disabilitating to my daily life & how it's having a big impact on my body. I said to him that it's getting that down that all I really want is a bowel bag just to get a point across. I mentioned how I how have blacked out from it before, & even mentioned that it can be serious if you don't move your bowels you can die. He agreed with me & said yeah you can die if you don't pass a bowel motion, & I just don't understand it HE NEVER OFFERED ME ANY TREATMENT OPTIONS WHAT SO EVER TO HELP GET MY BOWELS EMPTIED OUT. He never even offered me a Script for some pain relief, & I’m in alot of discomfort & pain alot of the time. All he said is they can do a camera test but said I could be waiting a while. That disappointed me as my bowels need emptying. So I decided to change dr’s (G.P.). I have an appointment this Tuesday at 2:30pm. COULD YOU PLEASE PRAY THAT I WOULD BE LISTENED TO & THAT THE DOCTOR WOULD SEE HOW MUCH THIS IS GETTING ME DOWN & ALSO SEE THAT IT CAN BE SERIOUS & OFFER AT LEAST SOME SORT OF TREATMENT. As I feel dr’s have just been mucking me around for such a long time. Much Appreciated, Your brother in Christ Jesus Our Lord & Saviour, Darren. P.S. I feel the Health system in New Zealand can be poor quality at times. I reckon if I was over there or some other Country they would have done something about this long ago. Could you also Pray that God would help me deal with Anger as through this dr’s not helping much it makes me angry & I explode at times & I need to deal with this also Please Pray for loneliness as I struggle with that alot & feel alot of rejection. Also going through my Wife ending our marriage almost 2 years back. I still Love her but there's nothing I can do about that & it doe’s hurt at times. She doesn't know God so Please Pray for her Salvation, & also for COPD/Lung condition that she suffers as she was in a house fire when she was just a child. But she copes really well & has a wonderful heart. I know that God Loves her Greatly & Deeply.