Posted 2 weeks ago
October 1st, 2019 7:48AM
I want to go home to Heaven
Requested by Mitzi
I have 2 types of cancer That I know of but the doctors can’t and won’t do scans anymore. I am on hospice and have been for 3+ years and I have a second disease that keeps me from metabolizing medication right so I can only take one type of liquid and a dissolvable tablet. I have been in pain since I was 18 and am fixing to turn 61. 3 years ago I had a large tumor removed from my left leg and there were others the doctor didn’t touch! I also have it in my bones and that the most horrific pain in this world!!! Most people commit suicide when they find out but there is no medication that can take the pain away !!!! I have read Job and Paul over and over again trying to keep my faith strong !!! But I am tired and we have no good doctors here and I cannot travel anymore for another hospital visit is have no one to help ! I went to 6 hospitals in one year before they took out the largest tumor which was growing along the leg bone in the tissue and the bone tumors in both legs and hips can’t have anything done for them. So PLEASE JUST PRAY THAT GOD WILL TAKE ME HOME SOON