Posted 2 weeks ago
May 13th, 2019 5:29PM
Requested by jenny
Hello, My daughter is 21 and has been in a relationship with a young man (whom is not saved) for almost 3 years. My daughter serves at our church and is becoming a great leader. My concern is that because of this young man she may be burdened to walk in her purpose. He is a nice young man but he is not saved and God has simply shown me he is not the one. I pray that they part ways before she makes a decision she is not ready for. He has already proposed moving in together. She has not agreed but she is thinking about it. I have prayed for conviction in her heart and as of now. She has decided not to love with with without a commitment but he is not ready for a commitment nor has he given his life to the Lord. I would like to request prayers of conviction, wisdom and guidance for her. And if he is not the one for this young man to be saved but to find his path but not with her.